Life coaching tools and exercises pdf

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life coaching tools and exercises pdf

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The Problems and Values Worksheet 6. Accordingly, you can make adjustments to various categories and your spending and savings habits.

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The Life Wheel is the first tool I run through with a client because it helps both the Coach and the client get a life overview and snapshot of "where you're at". This Life Wheel is labeled with eight areas of life. You can use these labels or, if there is a specific area of your life you would like to examine, just substitute a category. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut of unhelpful beliefs, leading to unhealthy habits causing unconscious actions? Step 2 - Now you have identified your false beliefs, go back and re-do the exercise writing how you would like to be.

Love your Life Coaching Toolkit! We want you to LOVE your coaching tools, so this guide is part of a series to help you use your Toolkit more effectively. We describe each tool in the toolkit, its purpose, how and when to use it, give additional tips AND identify which tools work in coaching sessions, as homework, in workshops or teleseminars and group coaching! Use the Life Coaching Toolkit and this User Guide as a coaching program outline or dip into the tools 'a la carte' as and when you need them with each client. The purpose of these tools is specifically to help your clients get to know themselves better, have more energy, get unstuck and get things done. The life coaching tools and exercises in this value pack help your clients evaluate where they are, connect with themselves, get stuff done and make positive changes — faster! This site uses cookies to power our shopping cart and to provide us with analytics so we can continuously improve.

It goes without saying that the best coaches in the world are those that have the ability to transform lives. In any given profession, field or walk of life, a coach is able to elevate an individual. The efforts of a good coach often go unnoticed, but every good coach is armed with the right coaching tools. But for those who are guided by these seemingly invisible heroes, the effort can be more than just important- it can be invaluable. Today, I wanted to talk to you about what goes into the making of a good coach. The questions you may have are:. Am I the right person to tell someone how to live their lives?

Life Coaching Toolkit

Love your Self-Discovery Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline. Provide clients with professional, polished receipts using this sample template. Love your Productivity and Time Management Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and outline.

A set of seven life coaching tools, worksheets, and exercises that help your clients discover their strengths, weaknesses, desires and true ambitions. Am I living the life I want? Am I pursuing the right goals? Even the most successful, confident and happy people have moments where they ask themselves these questions. So do your coaching clients.

For the last 25 years the Coaches Training Institute CTI has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. About the new language of leadership Share the love. The Co-Active Coaching Toolkit is a free database of resources available for you for download and use with your coaching clients. You are welcome to use these tools in their current form… or better, modify them to reflect your personal style and approach to coaching. Click here to access the Co-Active Toolkit. Within the Coaching Toolkit, you will find an ever-growing database of coaching tools, strategic planning tools, forms and checklists, exercises, audio demos and other tools for you to use with your clients. Here is a list of the tools available.

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