Admission and discharge process in a hospital pdf

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admission and discharge process in a hospital pdf

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Hospital Admissions & Discharge

What procedure should I follow while being admitted to the Central Clinic of Athens? If you will be undergoing a surgical procedure, be sure to ask for the special information pamphlet available from the Clinic and read it through carefully. Once you arrive in your ward, be sure to inform your doctor or nurse about medication you are currently taking when providing them with your medical history. The medication must be handed to the nursing staff for safe keeping. You should not store any medication in your bedside table nor should you take any medication except that which is given to you by the doctors as your condition may be distorted and improvement delayed. Watch our Video.

Admission and Discharge

Feixa Llarga s. The aim of this study was to evaluate how hospital capacity was managed focusing on standardizing the admission and discharge processes. This study was set in a bed university affiliated hospital of the National Health Service, near Barcelona Spain. This is a cross-sectional study of a set of interventions which were gradually implemented between April and December Mainly, they were focused on standardizing the admission and discharge processes to improve patient flow. Primary administrative data was obtained from the and Hospital Database. For statistical bivariate analysis, we used a Chi-squared for linear trend for qualitative variables and a Wilcoxon signed ranks test and a Mann—Whitney test for non-normal continuous variables.

Prepare the patient both physically and mentally for his stay in the hospital. To help the patient to be comfortable and to provide him with a clear and safe environment for preventing infection. To give a good impression of the hospital and its service so that the patient will fully co-operate with the treatment and nursing care. Routine Admission : Admission of a patient is planned and gets admitted in the hospital on routine basis for treatment, diagnostic test and recovery. The procedure of discharge and readmission is not usually necessary for the patient who is to be shifted from one medical or surgical ward to another.


Labour room - Gynecological or Obstetric patients are treated and advised for admission. Patients are admitted to the concerned ward on the advice of the treating doctor. The ward is designated by the inquiry staff at the admission desk and entered in the case sheet. A minimum deposit amount is advised by the admission desk staff to be deposited at the accounts cash counter.

The Rights of Patients pp Cite as. This chapter deals with the most frequently occurring problem areas. For legal issues involved with the admission of an emergency patient, see the preceding chapter.

When you arrive at the hospital, go to the Admitting Office. You will need to show your Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance card. They will verify your information and let your insurance know you are at the hospital. Every visit to the hospital starts in the Admitting Office.

Standardizing admission and discharge processes to improve patient flow: A cross sectional study