Fascia in sport and movement pdf

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fascia in sport and movement pdf

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Have you ever wondered how your muscles stay attached to your bones? Or why you have cellulite? The answer to these under-the-radar questions about your body is your fascia pronounced fah-sha.

Fascial Fitness

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In , I attended the 4th International Fascia Research Congress, in Reston VA and wanted to share my experience as I think the developing field of understanding fascia will bring us many amazing opportunities to understand how the extracellular matrix is a fundamental piece to the large framework of the body and its functions. This conference is very unique in that it has so many different types of professionals in attendance. This made for very interesting questions and conversations. Fascia not only holds us together in our own human shape, but was responsible for brings us together as well. The opportunity to talk to and listen to many of the top professionals in the field of fascia and fascial research in one location was worth the trip in my opinion.


The principal focus of this conference was the presentation of the latest and best scientific research on human and animal fasciae in all its forms and functions. On the Sunday afternoon, there was a special session entitled Fascia in Sports and Movement Therapies. The presenters included. The session was directed at how do sports, exercise and daily movements influence the remodeling of fascial tissues? How can movement related overload syndromes be best treated and prevented?

BIO: as pulled from his website. His area of expertise is fascia research. He graduated from the University of Heidelberg in with a degree in psychology. In he received his doctorate in human biology from the University of Ulm. His doctoral thesis on active fascial contractility was awarded with the Vladimir Janda Prize for Musculoskeletal Medicine. Schleip was co-initiator of the first International Fascia Congress at the Harvard Medical School in Boston 1st Fascia Research Congress , which marked the breakthrough for modern fascia research, as well as the subsequent congresses. He was a member of the scientific committee at all events in this series.

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The Fascia Training Academy is a collaborative educational entity with the mission of expanding our practical understanding of how the fascia system impacts overall health, athletic performance and injury resilience. Our goal is to provide education on the latest evidence-based research, training techniques and tools. Our advisors and contributors are among the leading experts in the field. In Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach , Bill Parisi, founder of Parisi Speed School, explores the new evidence-based science of athletic performance and injury resilience by analyzing the latest research and interviewing the top experts in the field.

Until recently, walking was one of the main physical activities necessary for survival. So I thought that in this day and age we could count ourselves lucky that this was no longer the case. But then I happened upon a curious conjunction of apparently unrelated and disquieting facts that led me to examine the science of walking.

International online event on Fascia, Dynamic activities and Sport. You will have access to the most recent theoretical researches by the greatest international researchers on Fascia.

Fascial Fitness

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