Capacitors and capacitance ppt to pdf

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capacitors and capacitance ppt to pdf

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It consists of at least two electrical conductors separated by a distance. You will learn more about dielectrics in the sections on dielectrics later in this chapter. Capacitors have applications ranging from filtering static from radio reception to energy storage in heart defibrillators. Most of the time, a dielectric is used between the two plates.

Capacitors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Electrons that accumulate on the negative side of the capacitor provide electric lines of force that repel electrons from the opposite side.

The positive terminal attracts free electrons from plate B. Fig: Storing electric charge in a capacitance. Fig c Stored charge remains in capacitor, providing 10 V without the battery. The value of C does not change with the voltage; it depends on the physical construction of the capacitor. The Farad Unit of Capacitance. Plastic Aluminum oxide 7 Ceramic 80 — Frequently used in circuits where this characteristic is a necessity, such as radio frequency oscillators and timer circuits.

Often used for temperature compensation to increase or decrease capacitance with a rise in temperature. Like chip resistors, chip capacitors have their end electrodes soldered directly to the copper traces of the printed- circuit board. Length is 2 in. It is not necessarily equal to the voltage rating.

Fig: Construction of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The dc voltage maintains the required polarity across the electrolytic capacitor to form the oxide film. It becomes hot and may explode. Fig: Film capacitor coding system. Fig: Three different coding systems used with mica capacitors. All systems represent values in picofarads. Examples of the systems follow on the next slides.

Capacitor Coding. This system uses a two-place coding in which a letter indicates the first and second digits of the capacitance value and a number indicates the multiplier. A smaller C has a larger proportion of applied voltage. With equal charge, the smaller C has the greater potential difference.

The higher the temperature, the greater the leakage because of lower leakage resistance. It is sometimes referred to as battery action or capacitor memory. NOTE: In all cases, discharge the capacitor before checking with the ohmmeter.

Then the charging current decreases as the capacitor voltage increases toward the applied voltage; therefore, the needle pointer slowly moves toward infinite resistance.

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Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Capacitor Coding This system uses a two-place coding in which a letter indicates the first and second digits of the capacitance value and a number indicates the multiplier.

Capacitor Coding Fig: Chip capacitor coding system. Capacitor Coding Fig. Not enough information. Documents Similar To Capacitor-and-Capacitance. Julianna Cristina. Ibrahim Khan Afridi. Alan Ho. Anonymous vQrJlEN.

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Lesson 6 Capacitors and Capacitance. Today, we will: learn what a capacitor is. Lesson 6Capacitors and Capacitance. Class Section 1Capacitance, Charge, and Voltage. What is a Capacitor?

Parallel Plate Capacitor• In a parallel plate capacitor, capacitance is directly proportional to the surface area of the conductor plates and inversely proportional to.


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