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difference between rip and ospf pdf

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The use of a routing protocol to advertise routes that are learned by some other means, such as by another routing protocol, static routes, or directly connected routes, is called redistribution. While running a single routing protocol throughout your entire IP internetwork is desirable, multi-protocol routing is common for a number of reasons, such as company mergers, multiple departments managed by multiple network administrators, and multi-vendor environments.

The world is now full of networks and indeed these networks help us to move faster with respect to the communication. Communication is the basis of Information technology driven world, each of us is relying on it in somehow or the other. Protocols are the set of rules that define how transmission takes place in different networks and devices. The list is long and we have protocols specific for every purpose. In a similar manner, we have protocols to instruct routers about how it should handle the incoming and the outgoing traffic.

Difference Between RIP and OSPF

The Routing Information Protocol RIP is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols which employs the hop count as a routing metric. RIP prevents routing loops by implementing a limit on the number of hops allowed in a path from source to destination. RIP implements the split horizon , route poisoning and holddown mechanisms to prevent incorrect routing information from being propagated. In RIPv1 routers broadcast updates with their routing table every 30 seconds. In the early deployments, routing tables were small enough that the traffic was not significant. As networks grew in size, however, it became evident there could be a massive traffic burst every 30 seconds, even if the routers had been initialized at random times. However, it is easy to configure, because RIP does not require any parameters, unlike other protocols.

HI i want to know the exact thing why eigrp is called a hybrid protocol. Eigrp has in its topology table only the routes learned by its neighbors, it does not have any minimal idea of the hole network design, or what is exist behind the neighbors, instead ospf router knows the entire toplogy network and knows every thing about it, so each router in ospf domain can calculate the best routes based on the ospf tree, not based on what the neighbors tell. Plus, when configuring the network command, you can specify a wildcard mask link state or not distance vector. So Eigrp knows only the things said by its neighbour router and OSPF knows about the entire topology ,how is that? All distance vector routing protocols know only what their neighbor tells, they call that "routing by rumor", so yes they don't know any thing about what is behind the neighbor. Instead ospf is a link state routing protocol, it know everything about that network of the area in which the router is located, then it will rely on that information to select the best route.

A Study on Broadcasting Video Quality by Routing Protocols in the IPTV Network

RIP works to deliver the whole routing table to all active interfaces in every 30 seconds. In RIP protocol, hop count is the only metrics to decide the best path to a remote network. It is clear that Path 2 will be selected by RIP protocol since it has less hop counts. The hop counts of RIP is limited to 15 hops, so any router beyond that distance is considered as infinity, and hence unreachable. When implementing in a large network, RIP can create a traffic bottleneck by multicasting all the routing tables every 30 seconds, and it has very slow network convergence. Since any routing update in RIP will take up great bandwidth, the resources for critical IT processes are hence limited.

In Routing Information protocol RIP , the maximum number of Hop is 15, because it prevents routing loops from source to destination. Mechanism like split horizon, route poisoning and holdown are used to prevent from incorrect or wrong routing information. Sally Floyd and Van Jacobson [] suggest that, without slight randomization of the timer, the timers are synchronized overtime. Using the link state information which is available in routers, it constructs the topology in which the topology determines the routing table for routing decisions. It supports both variable-length subnet masking and classless inter-domain routing addressing models. The main advantages of the OSPF Open Shortest Path first is that it handles the error detection by itself and it uses multicast addressing for routing in a broadcast domain.

RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol in which distance vector routing protocol is used for data/packet transmission. In Routing Information.

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The world is now full of networks and indeed these networks help us to move faster with respect to the communication. Communication is the basis of Information technology driven world, each of us is relying on it in somehow or the other. Protocols are the set of rules that define how transmission takes place in different networks and devices.

A routing protocol describes the rules that must be followed by a router while it interacts with neighboring routers to learn the path and to maintain the network in the routing tables. The principal difference is that RIP falls in the category of distance vector routing protocol whereas OSPF is the example of link state routing. IGP Interior gateway routing protocol is restricted to an autonomous system, which means all routers operates inside an autonomous system.

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RIP vs OSPF: What Is the Difference?

Difference between RIP and OSPF

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What is a protocol?

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Redistributing Routing Protocols


  • Routing Protocol Type:The RIP is a distance vector protocol whereas the OSPF is a link state protocol. A distance vector protocol uses the distance or hop counts to determine the transmission path. Hop Count Restriction:The RIP allows only up to 15 hops, whereas in OSPF protocol, there is no such restriction. Robo951 - 23.03.2021 at 15:54