Havens k 1992 scale and structure in natural food webs science pdf

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havens k 1992 scale and structure in natural food webs science pdf

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The use of DNA barcodes in food web construction—terrestrial and aquatic ecologists unite!

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The evolution of trophic structure

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ally to globally scaled food webs with to species, respectively. effects of scale on food-web structure that take into account recently demonstrated , Havens , see Lawton , Pimm illustrious scientific history is food​-chain length (Elton Havens, K. Scale and structure in natural food webs. -.

The origin of motif families in food webs

Although diversity and limnology of alpine lake systems are well studied, their food web structure and properties have rarely been addressed. Here, the topological food webs of three high mountain lakes in Central Spain were examined. We first addressed the pelagic networks of the lakes, and then we explored how food web topology changed when benthic biota was included to establish complete trophic networks. We conducted a literature search to compare our alpine lacustrine food webs and their structural metrics with those of 18 published lentic webs using a meta-analytic approach.

Research onfood webs is one of the few subdisciplines within ecology that seeks to quantify and analyze direct and indirect interactions among diverse species,rather than focusing on particular types of taxa. Food webs ideally represent whole communities including plants, bacteria, fungi, invertebrates andvertebrates. At the base of every food web are one or more types of autotrophs, organisms such as plants or chemoautotrophic bacteria,which produce complex organic compounds from an external energy source e. Using the language of graph theory and the framework of network analysis, species are represented by vertices nodes and feeding links are represented by edges links between vertices.

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