Advertising and sales promotion notes pdf

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advertising and sales promotion notes pdf

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We have updated all the necessary books and Study materials which will be required at the time of preparation. In this article, we are concentrating on the subject Advertising and Sales Promotion.

Advertising And Sales Promotion Pdf For MBA September 2019

Sales promotion is defined as activities which include advertising and publicity aimed at stimulating consumer purchasing and effective selling by dealers. Sales promotion includes free samples, a premium on sale and dealer incentive, contests, fairs and exhibitions, public relations activities, etc. Sales promotions are those activities, other than advertising and personal selling that stimulate market demand for a product. The basic purpose is to stimulate on the spot buying by potential customers through short-term incentives. These incentives are essentially temporary and non-recurring nature. According to W. Sales promotion acts as a bridge between advertising and personal selling.

Sales promotion refers to the activities which supplement and co-ordinate personal selling and advertising to attract customers to buy a product. Sales promotion methods include displays, demonstrations, expositions, exhibitions and other non-recurrent selling efforts which aim at impelling spot buying action by prospective customers. Sales promotion, as part of the total distribution system, plays a vital role in inducing the consumer to buy your product. Sales promotion covers so many activities that it is difficult to define it precisely. Sales promotion devices can include premiums, coupons, contests temporary price reduction, free goods, letters to trade, literature, educational material, displays and trade shows.

Chapter 18, Promotion Process, Sales Promotion and Publicity, Class Notes

Advertising and sales promotions are two of the key components of a business, but they are distinct concepts that people often misunderstand. Advertising promotions are done to build brand image, and the results become apparent though the passage of time. Sales promotions are much more immediate and focus on getting revenues into the business bank account right now. Advertising is the process of expressing the qualities and advantages of your products and services, relative to the product and services that your competitors are offering. In most instances, businesses will use advertising as a means of expressing the unique selling proposition that makes their products and services superior to those that their competitors sell. Sales promotions are all about the short-term sales of products and services. Many companies push these promotions during specific periods when consumer demand is likely to be higher than normal.

All the students who are doing MBA, the following notes will help fast understanding of the fundamentals of Advertising and Sales Promotion. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics, etc. Advertising is a powerful communication force, highly visible, and one of the most important tools of marketing communications that help to sell products, services, ideas, and images, etc. Many believe that advertising reflects the needs of the times. One may like it or not but advertisements are everywhere. Advertisements are seen in newspapers, magazines, on television and the internet and are heard on the radio. The marketing mix is the combination of elements necessary to the planning and execution of the total marketing operation.

Persuasive advertising to increase sales: ▫. The objective is to build a demand for a particular brand of product – toilet soaps, toothpastes, etc. The advertisement.

Advertisement and Sales Promotion Notes

In marketing, promotion refers to any type of marketing communication used to inform target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue, most of the time persuasive in nature. It helps marketers to create a distinctive place in customers' mind, it can be either a cognitive or emotional route. The aim of promotion is to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

Difference Between Advertising and Sales Promotions

Marketing is the process of maximizing the profitability and sales of the organization by identifying the needs and wants of the customers and convincing them how they can fulfill their needs though our product.

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