Soft computing and intelligent data analysis in oil exploration pdf

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soft computing and intelligent data analysis in oil exploration pdf

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About the Editors. List of Contributors. Part 1. Introduction: Fundamentals of Soft Computing. Soft computing for intelligent reservoir characterization and modeling M. Nikravesh, F. Fuzzy logic G.

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In this overview paper, we highlight role of Soft Computing techniques for intelligent reservoir characterization and exploration, seismic data processing and characterization, well logging, reservoir mapping and engineering. Reservoir characterization plays a crucial role in modern reservoir management. It helps to make sound reservoir decisions and improves the asset value of the oil and gas companies. It maximizes integration of multi-disciplinary data and knowledge and improves the reliability of the reservoir predictions. The ultimate product is a reservoir model with realistic tolerance for imprecision and uncertainty. Soft computing aims to exploit such a tolerance for solving practical problems.

Artificial Intelligence AI can be defined as the application of science and engineering with the intent of intelligent machine composition. It involves using tool based on intelligent behavior of humans in solving complex issues, designed in a way to make computers execute tasks that were earlier thought of human intelligence involvement. In comparison to other computational automations, AI facilitates and enables time reduction based on personnel needs and most importantly, the operational expenses. Artificial Intelligence AI is an area of great interest and significance in petroleum exploration and production. Over the years, it has made an impact in the industry, and the application has continued to grow within the oil and gas industry. It has been propounded in solving many problems in the oil and gas industry which includes, seismic pattern recognition, reservoir characterisation, permeability and porosity prediction, prediction of PVT properties, drill bits diagnosis, estimating pressure drop in pipes and wells, optimization of well production, well performance, portfolio management and general decision making operations and many more.

Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis in Oil Exploration (Volume 51) (​Developments in Petroleum Science, Volume 51) [Nikravesh, M., Zadeh, L.A.

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Soft Computing: Potentials and Applications in Oil Exploration

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