Mathematical terms and definitions pdf

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mathematical terms and definitions pdf

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The language of mathematics has a vast vocabulary of specialist and technical terms. It also has a certain amount of jargon : commonly used phrases which are part of the culture of mathematics, rather than of the subject. Jargon often appears in lectures, and sometimes in print, as informal shorthand for rigorous arguments or precise ideas. Much of this is common English, but with a specific non-obvious meaning when used in a mathematical sense. There are two canonical proofs that are always used to show non-mathematicians what a mathematical proof is like:. The beauty of a mathematical theory is independent of the aesthetic qualities Some beautiful theories may never be given a presentation which matches their beauty

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A definition is a statement of the meaning of a term a word , phrase , or other set of symbols. A term may have many different senses and multiple meanings, and thus require multiple definitions. In mathematics , a definition is used to give a precise meaning to a new term, by describing a condition which unambiguously qualifies what a mathematical term is and is not. In modern usage, a definition is something, typically expressed in words, that attaches a meaning to a word or group of words. The word or group of words that is to be defined is called the definiendum , and the word, group of words, or action that defines it is called the definiens.

PDF | The present book is the second issue of a series explaining various terms and concepts in Mathematics. Introducing the topics in concise.

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This is not a comprehensive dictionary of mathematical terms, just a quick reference for some of the terms commonly used in this website. Bayesian probability: a popular interpretation of probability which evaluates the probability of a hypothesis by specifying some prior probability, and then updating in the light of new relevant data. Boolean algebra or logic: a type of algebra which can be applied to the solution of logical problems and mathematical functions, in which the variables are logical rather than numerical, and in which the only operators are AND, OR and NOT. Cartesian coordinates: a pair of numerical coordinates which specify the position of a point on a plane based on its distance from the the two fixed perpendicular axes which, with their positive and negative values, split the plane up into four quadrants. Diophantine equation: a polynomial equation with integer coefficients that also allows the variables and solutions to be integers only. Fermat primes: prime numbers that are one more than a power of 2 and where the exponent is itself a power of 2 , e.

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  • GLOSSARY AND EXAMPLES OF MATHEMATICS TERMS. Acute triangle. A triangle with all acute angles (acute means measuring less than 90°). Austin G. - 05.04.2021 at 23:26
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