Consensus and conflict theory in education pdf

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consensus and conflict theory in education pdf

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Functionalists point to other latent roles of education such as transmission of core values and social control. The core values in American education reflect those characteristics that support the political and economic systems that originally fueled education.

16.2 Sociological Perspectives on Education

Conflict theorists do not believe that public schools reduce social inequality. Rather, they believe that the educational system reinforces and perpetuates social inequalities that arise from differences in class, gender, race, and ethnicity. Where functionalists see education as serving a beneficial role, conflict theorists view it more negatively. To them, educational systems preserve the status quo and push people of lower status into obedience. Conflict theorists see the education system as a means by which those in power stay in power. Students of low socioeconomic status are generally not afforded the same opportunities as students of higher status, no matter how great their academic ability or desire to learn. Picture a student from a working-class home who wants to do well in school.


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Theory and the Consensus Theory. Conflict Theory which is traced to Karl Marx makes one group dominant over other groups. Usually, the dominant group dictates the rules and expects unwavering obedience from its members. Conflict Theory stems from the precept that this obedience can bring forth order. In the field of education, Conflict Theory can develop the students ability to focus and achieve mastery of certain skills and concepts if the teacher is seen as dominant or ruler over the learners. In some cases, the dominant entity can be the school administration, or the supreme student council.

Table Perhaps the most important function of education is socialization. If children need to learn the norms, values, and skills they need to function in society, then education is a primary vehicle for such learning. In the United States, these norms and values include respect for authority, patriotism remember the Pledge of Allegiance? Regarding these last two values, American students from an early age compete as individuals over grades and other rewards. A second function of education is social integration. For a society to work, functionalists say, people must subscribe to a common set of beliefs and values.

Consensus v.s. Conflict

After reading this chapter, you will be able to. This chapter introduces several theories concerning the sociology of education. Because this text explores education from a sociological perspective, it is essential that we consider how theory contributes to our understanding of education as a part of society. It is like seeing the world through a specific set of glasses see Figure 2.

Structural functionalists believe that society tends towards equilibrium and social order. Social health means the same as social order, and is guaranteed when nearly everyone accepts the general moral values of their society. Hence structural functionalists believe the purpose of key institutions, such as education, is to socialise young members of society. Socialisation is the process by which the new generation learns the knowledge, attitudes and values that they will need as productive citizens. Although this purpose is stated in the formal curriculum [5] , it is mainly achieved through "the hidden curriculum" [6] , a subtler, but nonetheless powerful, indoctrination of the norms and values of the wider society.

Reading: Conflict Theory on Education

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