Foucault subjectivity and identity pdf

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foucault subjectivity and identity pdf

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Foucault and Subjectivities

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Subjectivity is a central philosophical concept, related to consciousness , agency , personhood , reality , and truth , which has been variously defined by sources. Three common definitions include that subjectivity is the quality or condition of:. These various definitions of subjectivity are sometimes joined together in philosophy. The term is most commonly used as an explanation for that which influences, informs, and biases people's judgments about truth or reality; it is the collection of the perceptions, experiences, expectations, and personal or cultural understanding of, and beliefs about, an external phenomenon , that are specific to a subject. Subjectivity is contrasted to the philosophy of objectivity , which is described as a view of truth or reality that is free of any individual's biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings. The rise of the notion of subjectivity has its philosophical roots in the thinking of Descartes and Kant , and its articulation throughout the modern era has depended on the understanding of what constitutes an individual.

Ageing, technologies of self and bio‐medicine: a Foucauldian excursion

Notions of subject and power in Foucaultian readings and their influence in organization and people management studies. This article reflects on the notion of subject and power characterized by Foucault, considering the three intellectual phases and possibilities of the subject, as portrayed in studies on organizations and management. The research assumes that the ways in which Foucault characterized the subject in intellectual phases reflects the ways the organization manages the individual. In addition, this work highlights the potential of the Foucaultian approach regarding the analysis of subjects and the relations of power in the organizations. In the archaeological phase the proposal is to prioritize the study of organizational discourses.

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The neoliberalisation of academia has been well recorded and critiqued Collini, , ; Giroux, , ; Hill and Kumar, ; McGettigan, The process is a seemingly global phenomenon, though it is testament to how embedded the narrative of neoliberalism has become in so many facets of education and broader society that no two accounts of it are ever quite alike. The fact that many theorists understand neoliberalism differently is arguably the result of every theorist applying their own conceptual lens to diverse circumstances.

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