Comparison between star and delta connection pdf

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comparison between star and delta connection pdf

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Basics of Star and Delta connections

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We mostly use the terms star and delta in electrical systems while discussing three phase AC circuits and electric motors. The same table showing differences between star and delta configurations can be seen below if you face any difficulty while reading the text. Click image to enlarge. Related Posts:. Comparison bw star and delta made me understand why star delta starter is used for 3 phase ac motors. Its bcoz to increase the speed of motor while starting gradually.. Mr Khan, Pls we are talking about star?

Difference between Star and Delta Connection

Comparison between Star and Delta Connections. The two systems have vastly different applications. Yes, there is a lot of crossover between them in some fields, but the two are more suited to certain applications. Take motors for instance. Delta is far superior for driving motors than star. As the wave moves around the phases it effectively drags the motor around with it.

Electrical Academia. This article covers the key differences between star and delta connection on the basis of several important factors such as their configuration, voltage, current, power, motor speed, neutral point, number of turns, insulation level, and applications. In Delta connection, phase sides are connected in a cyclical arrangement in order to make a closed loop as shown in figure 1. As far as line and phase currents are concerned, they are related to each other as:. Whereas, in Delta connection, line and phase voltage are same:. In star connections, fundamentally we connect the same phase sides to a mutual common point known as neutral point and provide supply to its free ends which stay thereafter as shown in figure 2. As far as line and phase voltages are concerned, they are related to each other as:.

Difference Between Star Connection and Delta Connection

Difference between star and delta connection are explained considering various factors like the basic definition of the connections, the existence of a neutral point, the connection of the terminals, the relation between line current and phase current and also between line voltage and phase voltage, speed, its insulation level, number of turns, type of system and network usage etc. The difference between the Star and Delta Connection are given below in the tabulated form. In a three phase circuit, there are two types of connections. One is known as Star Connection, and the other one is Delta Connection.

Post a comment. Advantages and disadvantages of star and delta connection. A star-delta starter is the most commonly used method for the stating of 3 phase induction motor. In star connection, the starting or finishing ends of three coils are connected together to form the neutral point.

Comparison between Star and Delta Connections

Basics of Star and Delta connections

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