Jaeger and cook 1979 fundamentals of rock mechanics pdf

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jaeger and cook 1979 fundamentals of rock mechanics pdf

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Geomechanics in the laboratory

National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Jaeger, J. Fundamentals of rock mechanics. Malden, Mass.

Rock strength experiments and failure criteria

Ostadhassan, M.. The importance of the geomechanical modeling and wellbore instability analysis is increasing in the petroleum industry with recent growth of drilling plans in unconventional reservoirs. Recently, a large majority of field developments are occurring in shale oil and shale gas reservoirs as a novel source of energy. Many of these reservoirs are thin and highly layered, anisotropic and naturally fractured; these make their geomechanical modeling and wellbore instability analysis remarkably crucial; subsequently a good understanding of elastic properties of the formation such as Young's modulus, Poison's ratio and in-situ stresses are necessary for accurate results. Bakken Formation is one of the major unconventional plays in North America which is identified by three distinct members: layered upper and lower shale and fractured middle dolomite. The thin beddings within the formation have made them extremely anisotropic, which originates from the platey shaped clay particles, high kerogen content plus the existence of natural fractures thus the wellbore instability analysis and modeling of this formation has become highly challenging.

Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics (4th Edition) [John Jaeger, N. G. Cook, Robert Zimmerman]

Theoretical Rock Mechanics for Professional Practice. The planned rock mechanics textbook is a synthesis of 22 classic texts on rock mechanics, solid mechanics, the author's 15 years' experience in rock mechanics in the gold mining industry, and 10 years as a professor at the University of Pretoria Throughout this period, the author noted that all the introductory texts on stress and strain were incomplete in one way or another, and that this, together with the watered-down introductions to stress and strain currently accepted in the mining rock mechanics fraternity, forms a barrier to the rest of rock mechanics. This incompleteness in the classic texts was not the result of the omission of important material by any of the authors of these texts, but the result of the assumed level of learning of the reader. Readers with an advanced tertiary engineering background would understand the work whilst almost all others would struggle.

Full text PDF. Stress state in rock mass is the most important factor affecting processes around mine working. The goal is to develop methods of calculating stress state in rock masses depending on the elastic and viscous rock properties and interaction of tectonic plates considering stresses measured in individual points. Conditions of stress state formation in rock masses due to gravitation effect are modeled under axial compression of a cylindrical sample with forbidden lateral movements.

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Given the complexity involved when modeling heterogeneous and anisotropic formations, this condition is usually ignored, supposing that the well is surrounded by a homogenous and isotropic medium. The main objective of this paper is to present a method that shows the error that might occur when the condition of homogeneity and isotropy is not satisfied, when determining collapse pressure in a formation containing planes of weakness. Although the literature presents some studies, there is not a clear method for determining the collapse pressure of a well that takes into account the mechanical properties of the planes of weakness contained in the formation. The proposed method is based on the Mohr Coulomb criterion for homogeneous and isotropic formations and the criterion of Jaeger and Cook for laminated anisotropic media. It constitutes a robust tool that calculates the collapse pressure in highly complex configurations, contributing thus to prevent waste of time and money by more accurately considering the actual behavior of laminated formations. The method includes: the deduction of the direction cosine equation, the proposal of an objective function, the construction of a collapse pressure profile, and the sensitivity analysis of the collapse pressure with colored rosettes.

Engineering Geology for Underground Rocks pp Cite as. There are many types of laboratory tests to obtain rock mechanical properties. Laboratory tests usually consist of simple experiments appropriate to the nature of the rock in which important quantities, often stress and strain, are determined Jaeger and Cook Before laboratory tests, rock sample preparation and physical analysis are needed. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


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