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conflict transformation and peacebuilding pdf

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This bibliography focuses on media portrayals of conflict, peace journalism, and the role of the media in social conflict. See also the bibliography pages on Conflict Analysis. See some definitions of dispute resolution processes.

Conflict transformation

Conflict transformation is a concept designed to reframe the way in which peacebuilding initiatives are discussed and pursued, particularly in contexts of ethnic conflict. Traditionally the emphasis has been on conflict resolution and conflict management methods, which focus on reducing or defusing outbreaks of hostility. Conflict transformation , in contrast, places a greater weight on addressing the underlying conditions which give rise to that conflict, preferably well in advance of any hostility, but also to ensure a sustainable peace. In other terms, it attempts to make explicit and then reshape the social structures and dynamics behind the conflict, often employing analytical tools borrowed from systems thinking. Conflict transformation is therefore a process of engaging with and transforming the relationships, interests, discourses and, if necessary, the very constitution of society that supports the continuation of violent conflict". Conflict transformation approaches differ from those of conflict management or conflict resolution.

Lead Partner: Bloody Sunday Trust. Total budget: EUR Project acronym: Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Project. Date of latest update: Co-financing sources: ERDF. Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Project.

Conflict Resolution and Peace Education pp Cite as. Conflict has been a salient aspect of the human experience for ages. It has existed globally between nations, locally among various cultural groups, in dyadic relationships, and within individuals. Efforts to resolve, rise above, and transform conflict have been met with a myriad of challenges. These challenges are comprised of systemic, cultural, and individual variables that must be addressed in order to realize progress. The authors believe that transformation of conflict on an individual level creates a foundation for effectively dealing with systemic and cultural issues that evidence conflict and, in so doing, create opportunities for the development of a global culture of sustainable peace.

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Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Project

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Civil society, conflict transformation and peace building: A learning paper. Christian Aid trocaire/files/pdfs/policy/Conflict_Sensitivity_Toolkit_Oct_​pdf. 7.


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