Simple future and future continuous pdf

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simple future and future continuous pdf

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Future Simple – Future Continuous – Future Perfect – Future Perfect Continuous All rights reserved

Exercise 3. Attempt the following future perfect continuous tense exercises and then compare your answers with the correct answers given below, find your mistakes and rectify them.. I will be harassing him until he gives me an answer. Index of contents. Note: The future progressive tense also called future continuous tense describes actions which will be ongoing in the future. Review how to make the future continuous here.


The future continuous or the future progressive tense represents an action taking place at some time in future and i s used to discuss an event that will happen in the future for a specific amount of time. It is also used to tell about a planned future event. However, future continuous tense is less common in use. Most times simple future and future continuous forms are used interchangably. Naj : Last few days had been quite hectic. I am looking forward for the workshop, for which we had been working very hard since last four to five months. Madhu : Yes, next week by this time, we will be boarding the flight.

See also: Lesson 4. See also Lesson 2. We use future simple to talk about actions in the future. A positive sentence looks like this:. Pronunciation of contractions and mega contractions extreme contractions which are often used in connected speech :.

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Future perfect simple continuous pdf

The simple future can be tricky for English students to learn because there are so many ways to express future actions in English. But what about the future progressive also known as the future continuous? It is also used occasionally in English writing and speaking, so high-intermediate and advanced students need to learn it at some point.


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