National and international days and dates pdf

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national and international days and dates pdf

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To mark the importance of some significant events, we celebrate the days on which these events took place. Other than this, certain days are celebrated to create awareness among people about important things in the world like awareness against any disease, poverty, etc.

International Days and Weeks

This is a list of environmental dates. These dates are designated for creating awareness of environmental issues. Species awareness days highlight biodiversity with the aim of increasing awareness about them. Some of these have been shown to lead to a rise in information seeking behaviour, and may lead to an increase in conservation fund-raising by charities and advocacy groups. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

List of the official annual international days, that are observed or declared by the United Nations. They are meant to raise awareness for global problems, to remember and commemorate past events and to celebrate culture, nature and world heritage. On many of them, activities and celebrations take place around the world. January 4. January World Braille Day

Important Days in March Month 2021 : National and International Days

When is the World Aids Day? World Aids Day is commemorated on 1st December every year. When is the World Braille Day celebrated? World Braille Day is celebrated on 4th January every year. On which date is the International Youth day celebrated? International Youth Day is celebrated on 12th August every year.

List of Important Days and Events 2021- Download Free PDF Here!

In government examinations like SSC, banking, etc. General Knowledge section plays an important role. Questions from this section are asked from various subjects.

The list of important dates and days of the year mentioned below are divide across all the months. Month-wise important dates and days are easy to memorize and revise. Completing this topic will ensure at least questions in the examination. So, in order to prepare better, you need to remember this list of important dates and days of the year.

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