Difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes pdf journals

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difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes pdf journals

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Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes means your blood glucose, or blood sugar , levels are too high. With type 2 diabetes, the more common type, your body does not make or use insulin well. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose get into your cells to give them energy. Without insulin, too much glucose stays in your blood. Over time, high blood glucose can lead to serious problems with your heart , eyes , kidneys , nerves , and gums and teeth.

Type 2 diabetes T2D , formerly known as adult-onset diabetes , is a form of diabetes that is characterized by high blood sugar , insulin resistance , and relative lack of insulin. The classic symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination polyuria , increased thirst polydipsia , increased hunger polyphagia , and weight loss. Type 2 diabetes is typically a chronic disease associated with a ten-year-shorter life expectancy. Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks in excess is associated with an increased risk. There are a number of rare cases of diabetes that arise due to an abnormality in a single gene known as monogenic forms of diabetes or "other specific types of diabetes". There are a number of medications and other health problems that can predispose to diabetes.

Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai — , Maharashtra, India. Vast population worldwide is suffering from this disease and yet it is found to be untreatable. The number of people suffering from T2 DM in India is expected to rise from Modern lifestyle and food habits have been responsible for tremendous rise in the number of patients all over the world. Even though, the symptoms of T2 DM are seen in the later stages of life, the onset of the disease occurs quite early. Thus, forming a vicious circle of the causes and effects of hyperglycemia interlinked together forming the whole picture of T2 DM in the patient. This review discusses these causes and effects at the molecular and cellular levels.

Insulin Resistance, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and Related Complications 2017

Richard J. Mahler, Michael L. SIXTEEN million individuals in the United States with type 2 diabetes mellitus and an additional 30—40 million with impaired glucose tolerance result in health care costs exceeding billion dollars annually 1. Treatment is predominantly directed at microvascular and macrovascular complications 2. In type 1 diabetes mellitus the relationship between glycemic control and microvascular complications has been well established 3. The relationship between tight glycemic control and microvascular disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus appears to be established in the recently completed United Kingdom prospective diabetes study 4 , 5.

The global escalation of obesity and diabetes in developed and developing nations poses a great health challenge. Obesity is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is primarily due to the autoimmune-mediated destruction of pancreatic beta cell leading to insulin deficiency [ 1 — 3 ]. This is usually accompanied by alterations in lipid metabolism, enhanced hyperglycemia-mediated oxidative stress, endothelial cell dysfunction, and apoptosis [ 1 — 3 ]. Similarly, in type 2 diabetes, increased glucotoxicity, lipotoxicity, endoplasmic reticulum-induced stress, and apoptosis lead to the progressive loss of beta cells [ 1 — 5 ].

Diabetes mellitus DM , commonly known as diabetes , is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a high blood sugar level over a prolonged period of time. Diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin , or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced. Type 1 diabetes must be managed with insulin injections. The classic symptoms of untreated diabetes are unintended weight loss , polyuria increased urination , polydipsia increased thirst , and polyphagia increased hunger. Several other signs and symptoms can mark the onset of diabetes although they are not specific to the disease. In addition to the known ones above, they include blurred vision , headache , fatigue , slow healing of cuts , and itchy skin. Prolonged high blood glucose can cause glucose absorption in the lens of the eye , which leads to changes in its shape, resulting in vision changes.

Diabetes Type 2

International Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Research is a global peer reviewed open access journal that emphasis on the different aspects of clinical diabetes. It highlights the investigative reports focusing on areas such as the pathogenesis of diabetes and its complications, normal and pathologic pancreatic islet function and intermediary metabolism, pharmacological mechanisms of drug and hormone action, and biochemical and molecular aspects of normal and abnormal biological processes. Clinical Diabetes acts as platform for the diabetes health care practitioners and clinicians to represent their Original Work, Reviews, Commentaries, Shorts Communications, Letters, Oral Presentations and Case Studies.

Diabetes mellitus DM is a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by persistent hyperglycemia. It may be due to impaired insulin secretion, resistance to peripheral actions of insulin, or both. Chronic hyperglycemia in synergy with the other metabolic aberrations in patients with diabetes mellitus can cause damage to various organ systems, leading to the development of disabling and life-threatening health complications, most prominent of which are microvascular retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy and macrovascular complications leading to a 2-fold to a 4-fold increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. This activity reviews the pathophysiology of DM and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in its management. Objectives: Recall the etiology of diabetes mellitus.

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Cellular, Molecular and Therapeutic Advances in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Management

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