Data structures and algorithms made easy 5th pdf

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data structures and algorithms made easy 5th pdf

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Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy Books

It is also a reliable reference manual for working people. Multiple smart solutions with different complexities are included in this title. Narasimha Karumanchi is an Indian author of academic books. He completed his masters at IIT Bombay.

He is the Founder of CareerMonk. Explore Plus. Economics, Business and Management Books. Business and Management Books. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in 3 days? Karumanchi Narasimha. Repro Books on Demand 3. Frequently Bought Together. Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. Most of the stuff in this book, usually also more updated, is of course available on the web.

That's why it rocks. Author doesn't talk to you like a professor, but like a good friend. He explains stuff, often in plain English, the way we all do when we really want someone to understand what we mean. He uses some math too, but only when really appropriate. Murali Manohar Certified Buyer. This is my first review After reading this book, I felt I should definitely write a review for this book so that others can benefit from this This is till date the best among the books I have used for Data Structures and algorithms This book follows a very good approach on how to write algorithms Also it can be very easily understood So preparing for interviews becomes very easy as u dont have to search in the net to prepare for different kinds of problems , thus saving a lot o Karan Kapasi Certified Buyer.

One thing I liked about this book that after a problem is served, it tries to attempt to solve that in basic way and after analyzing it's performance then keeps on improvising the algorithm by providing better solution. Hence it first captures the attention of a newbie or in it's simplest form and then takes the journey to more optimized solution which is also necessary to learn for how to approach and develop better solution.

Abhijit Sinha Certified Buyer. I am a lecturer at one of the rural Engineering college in Karnataka. I generally do not come online and spend much time. After reading the book, I thought it would be good if I share my comments about this.

Generally students are scared of design of algorithms and its analysis and this is due to the fact that students are not able to understand foreign books.

There is a difference in understanding level of students and those books. This book bridges thatgap. I must say it is so easy for st Siddappa Certified Buyer. I bought this book for my Data Structures class at Pune University and it was perfect.

There are lot of real world examples it shows the straight forward way of showing us want the data structures are and how to code them efficiently. There's also a lot of extra theory in the sorting chapters that I haven't found in other data structure books. This book is definitely worth the buy.

It provides plenty of relevant questions to help prepare for an interview. I did notice that there is a fair a Krishna Kumar A Certified Buyer. I've studied this book for preparation to my amazon interview and It helped me a lot.

Not just for the "same questions in the interview" factor, but repeatedly going through all the complex problems in the book and trying to understand the solutions give there helped me get my basics crystal clear and also, I got into amazon. I owe a lot to this book. Though, many questions are directly adopted directly from different interview preparation websites, I reduced my effort to a great extend when Sandeep Karicharla Certified Buyer.

So you got yourself an interview. I was all over the place about which textbooks of my undergrad years I should study but then I came across this book which helped me narrow down my studying area by far. It prepares you for some fundamental C stuff like pointers and also for common algorithms and tricky ones that you have to think for yourself. It also makes you think smartly when trying to figure out some puzzle that occasionally appear in interviews.

Overall it was reall Ankur Certified Buyer. I got this book on 10th of Jan. Earlier, I used to follow many blogs, sites to prepare for interviews. This is has nice collection of all those problems.

In the stacks chapter Misc. I found a typo: it was mentioned wrongly. The code was correct but the description is given wrongly.

Overall, it is good book. If it has indexes for sections it would help more. Piyush Certified Buyer. It sets the stage for interviewing in today's marketplace, covers all those computer science concepts that some of us are rusty at, and provided good examples to practice working through those low level concepts.

This is where this book came in handy. I found it very helpful for my second round of interviews at a very technical company. It helped me to think about solutions in correct way.

Rakesh Datta Certified Buyer. One of my senior referred this book for me and it helped me a lot. This book played important role in securing th all India rank for me. I recommend this book for all computer science students particularly rural engg. Questions and Answers. Q: In What Programming language this book written? Basically i am Java background can i understand the concepts which are covered in this book? Please let me know!!

A: This book covered the concept of data structure and in this mostly coding part is done in c language. Yes, you can understand the concept covered in this book. This book is really very good.

Divyesh Bhatnagar. Report Abuse. Well I have little knowledge of C, is this bol is useful for me?? A: The book is very much useful for product based company interviews.

If u have more than one year time then try some other book like cormen. The book is very good for placements. Q: What is the difference between this book and another yellow book? There is price difference. A: The main difference is not the price its that the yellow one is mainly focusing on Gate and this one is better for interview preparation of Datastructure. Nitin Chaudhary. Q: is it the right book for post graduates? A: This is a right book for anyone who wants to learn about data structures and algorithms.

Previous on the subject can be polished and furthermore this book can always teach valuable new things. Q: does this book covers all type of algorithms. A: All the important questions are explained with clarity. This is a must buy book for placements. Abhinav Aashish.

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy-Narasimha Karumanchi

It is also a reliable reference manual for working people. Multiple smart solutions with different complexities are included in this title. Narasimha Karumanchi is an Indian author of academic books. He completed his masters at IIT Bombay. He is the Founder of CareerMonk. Explore Plus.

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Download Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy Data Structure Ebook PDF

He has experience in teaching data structures and algorithms at various training centers and colleges. He performs both his roles with ease. He is indeed a widely read and active person in the academic front. His articles and publications are published all over the world. In 2 decades of dedicated service, Dr.

Objective of this book is to present the ideas for solving data-structure and algorithmic problems. Once you understand them, remaining chapters looks easy as we refer these complexities at every place.

ISBN 13: 9781468108866

Previews: Review Reviews: goo. The following review is based on my experience of using the book as a textbook for the course. After teaching the course for one semester, I started to look for a textbook that could better suit my need than a conventional data structure textbook, with the following requirements: 1 There should be lots of code examples for the students to read and learn how to implement basic data structures.

Please hold on! I know many people typically do not read the Preface of a book. But I strongly recommend that you read this particular Preface.