Kerala psc level survey questions and answers pdf

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kerala psc level survey questions and answers pdf

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Food Safety Exam Questions And Answers A well-trained and knowledgeable food handler is the backbone of food safety in the retail food service setting.

Lecture electronics engineering question paper updated. Civil mech Electrical electronics and technical mathematics questions available in this question paper. Electrician Question paper updated. Useful for upcoming AE,oversier, Electrician and pump operator exams.

Model Question Paper - Draftsman, Overseer - Civil

PSC has earlier scheduled the tests. Practice more subject wise mock tests for upcoming Kerala PSC exams. PSC has now decided to extend the last date to October 28, Wednesday midnight. So all the candidates who had completed the Departmental Examinations I-Session from 18th August to 16th September check this page. Examination Time Table Click here to find the updated PSC Departmental exam date in December and instructions for the candidates. The examinations both Lower and Higher.

Candidates who qualify this test can be recruited for the post of teacher in government school at different levels. Job seekers may download sample question papers as well as previous year tet exam question papers with answer keys and solution. All exam Question Papers are available here. Deficiency of protein causes a Pellegra b Goitre c Kwashiorker d Anaemia 3. Ed Login.


We ask students to login via google as we share a lot of our content over google drive. Mains level : Not Much. For goldilocks Zone answer should be C as question is the term is often seen in news in context of. It will involve all the 13 coastal States and Union Territories along with other maritime stakeholders, including the fishing and coastal communities. Earth is in the habitable zone of the sun — one of the reasons our planet has liquid water like oceans and lakes.

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You can either work out the Question paper here or you can download the solved Question paper as pdf through links given at the end. The required educational Qualification was diploma in civil engineering. After answering all Questions you can also download the Solved Question paper in pdf format. All answers are marked in the Question paper and the answers are based on final answer key by Kerala psc.

Question Paper

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