Land administration and registration pdf

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land administration and registration pdf

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Practice guide 8: execution of deeds

There are three reasons why land policies in Africa are attracting greater amounts of attention. First, it is recognized that enhancing smallholder productivity is critical for sustainable and broad-based growth as well as poverty reduction World Bank However, land-related investment, technology adoption, establishment of processing, markets, and value chains, all are unlikely to come about unless land tenure is secure. Moreover, increased productivity will be capitalized in land values and unless explicit attention is devoted to traditional land rights and land access by weaker groups, in particular women, interventions aiming to increase agricultural productivity may have negative social consequences. This is particularly relevant in contexts where current interpretations of customary systems define women's rights only through their relationship with men and women are often unable to inherit land which is considered the property of their husband's lineage.

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Land Records and Titles in India

An important government activity of all nation states is building and maintaining a land administration system LAS with the primary objectives of delivering sustainable development, particularly by supporting an efficient and effective land market. This includes cadastral surveys to identify and subdivide land, land registry systems to support simple land trading buying, selling, mortgaging and leasing land and land information systems to facilitate access to the relevant information, increasingly through an Internet enabled e-government environment. For most countries a cadastre is at the core of the LAS providing spatial integrity and unique land parcel identification in support of security of tenure and effective land trading.

Land Administration

Property Card. Information of non disputed mutations for period to PDF, kb. Land Maps. Registration Department Maharashtra Government.

Land ownership in India is presumptive. Land records are poorly maintained; they do not reflect the on ground position. Policy responses have addressed modernisation and digitisation of land records. It seeks to achieve complete computerisation of the property registration process and digitisation of all land records.


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